Catalytic Diplomacy

Current Activities

Catalytic Diplomacy sponsors some work, mainly travel grants to encourage dialogue, related to trouble spots such as Afghanistan, Angola, Burma, Cuba, Iran, and North Korea. Also, recently, it began a monthly series of video blogs summarizing past activities described in two memoirs: Every Man Should Try and Catalytic Diplomacy.

In May, 2011, Jeremy Stone was invited to a Moscow conference celebrating the 90th birthday of Nobel Laureate Andrei Sakharov. He was asked to give a plenary address that would provide a "good theory" of how to defeat public apathy in Russia in the spirit of Andrei Sakharov. His address, "A Patriotic Campaign Against Corruption In the Spirit of Andrei Sakharov," suggested that the defeat of corruption was a precondition to the achievement of Andrei Sakharov's goals and, unlike these goals, had the potential to stir widespread public interest and activity in Russia.

He also served on a panel on disarmament and provided a paper, REDUCING THE RISKS OF NUCLEAR WAR THROUGH REDUCTIONS OF STRATEGIC NUCLEAR WEAPONS, explaining how reductions of strategic warheads to 1,000 on each side—rather than the 1,500 limits currently negotiated—would have this effect. He is appealing to the Russian Government to call for joint talks and analysis supporting his conclusions.

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