Catalytic Diplomacy

Note to Finger in the Dike

Finally, after the meeting, I had a private discussion with Bi-khim and suggested a possible second stage in DPP policy toward Taiwan-Mainland talks. In brief, it involved announcing that if DPP won the election, he would take the two defeated candidates (or their representatives) along to Beijing in the pre-inaugural period for initial discussions on the One China policy. This would make it easier for China to accept a DPP president in Beijing, would protect DPP against charges of having overly private talks with China, and would assure Beijing, and others, that Taiwan was talking on a basis of national consensus and not on the basis of DPP policy alone. (If DPP did not win the election, the other parties might adopt this policy and take DPP along in their visit to Beijing.) Letter to Chen Shui-bian of February 15, 2000.

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