Catalytic Diplomacy

Note to Mothballing the ABM Treaty

An organization was formed to do the work, called the National Security Foundation, Inc. (NsecF); the state of Maryland accepted its articles of incorporation on November 13. Its initial board was composed of me, Alton Frye, and Wade Greene of the Rockefeller Family Office.

NsecF was designed not to provide funds to others but to encourage and facilitate the provision of such monies. Its goal was: “To strengthen the national security of the United States by encouraging and facilitating charitable giving to relevant non-profit groups working on national security broadly interpreted.” Catalytic Diplomacy funded the preparatory activity in building the Web site. A patent was initiated for the invention and process called Proposal-Centered Internet-Facilitated Philanthropic Matchmaking (PIPM). The Rockefeller Family Office provided the funds.

We felt that no one would take the idea seriously until we had a Web site built that could show, in practice, how the system would work. In the end, the Web site was built, at a cost of $20,000, but no person or organization could be found that wanted to own the site and I decided it was not something that Catalytic Diplomacy could do without giving up its other efforts. So it never got started.

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