Catalytic Diplomacy

Note to Seeking Dialogue

How Kim Jong-Il Manuevered as a Young Man

Hwang was President of Kim Il-Sung University when Kim Jong-Il, the son of President Kim Il-Sung, came to the University. Hwang says of Kim Jong-Il:
The impression I received when I was talking to him was that despite his young age, he already harbored political ambitions. He paid special attention to his father and endeavored to take care of him. Every morning he would always help his father to get up and put his fatherís shoes on for him as well. At the time, Kim Il-Sung was only 47 years old and full of energy and there was no reason whatsoever for him to require the help of anyone. However, Kim seemed to enjoy being aided by his son.

In the evenings when Kim Il-Sung returned, Kim Jong-Il assembled his fatherís staff of assistants, doctors and nurses who had accompanied him and had them report to him about the things that had happened during the day. He then proceeded to give orders. Among the delegation who traveled with Kim Il-Sung, there were many politburo members. Therefore Kim Jong-Ilís acts of personally taking over Kim Il-Sungís projects and giving detailed orders to the accompanying staff such as the assistants, doctors and nurses were acts transcending common sense.

Kim Jong-Il was rather hot-tempered. Also when he gave orders to people under him he was very strict. I could tell that he was not the type to think deeply about things but that he was over sensitive and possessed an emotional personality.

Meeting Kim Jong-Il frequently, I realized that even though he was clever politically, his personality was violent and that he became easily jealous. He used all sorts of cunning methods to attain what he wanted, and I began to worry that if he seized political power, it was quite possible that he would ruin our country. All this because I sensed his intense desire for power.

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