Catalytic Diplomacy

Note to The Fatwa Failure

This was the draft:
Our Supreme Leader has said: [Here provide a specific quotation and, if possible, a place where this quotation can be found or at least a clear paraphrase of the Fatwa.] This statement is, indeed, a Fatwa instructing the faithful everywhere not to engage in the construction, stockpiling or use of nuclear weapons because such construction, stockpiling or use is against Islam.

In order to make it perfectly clear that the Islamic Republic of Iran takes this statement seriously, my Administration plans to propose to the Majlis that the same Fatwa be embedded in Iranian legislation confirming that any scientist or administrator that violates the obligations of Iran under its agreement with IAEA would be punished by jail terms and fines.

This legislation is in the spirit of U.N. Resolution 1540 and with efforts by the Bush Administration to strengthen that U.N. resolution at the 2005 Review Conference of the Non-Proliferation Treaty. But we are going further. While the Bush Administration has been urging the world to make laws that would send scientists and administrators to jail for violating IAEA regulations, the Islamic Republic proposes not only to send them to jail but to warn them that, if they violate these agreements, they will, also, go to Hell.

We recognize, of course, that the sincerity of nations can only be judged and advanced, in the end, by sustained dialogue. Accordingly, in order to avoid future misunderstanding between the Islamic Republic and the United States of America, my Administration is going to invite U.S. parliamentarians to Iran and, if they are invited in return, we would send Iranian parliamentarians to the United States. In this way, we hope to improve the quality of the dialogue between our two countries and to improve mutual respect. Based on this improvement in mutual respect, perhaps the sincerity of our approach to nuclear weapons will be better understood. And based on these steps forward, we hope that, in due course, we can open direct talks with the United States on all matters between us.

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